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WIX is an incredible platform to design in but it's also INCREDIBLY user friendly to clients who have never run their own website before.  That is why I chose to use WIX when I was starting my own business during the 2021 lockdown.   


I quickly realized how much I loved coding, designing and showing people how to run websites and in the course of under 2 years, I managed to create more than 40 websites and have loved every minute of it. 

To date, most of my clients have been very small businesses who are struggling to make their own businesses take off and I absolutely love being able to help them by giving them a beautiful, easy to run and very affordable website to help them drive traffic.  

I'm quick in my work, because I love it and I stumbled onto this passion and well...I'm good at it because I want to be and work at it. 

I'm artistic and creative in design, but also in finding solutions to save clients money by building sites that keep the costs down. 

I'm easy to work with 1000%!  I've built sites in a few days with nothing but a business name and what the client sold.  I've created many sites with little to no instructions/feedback and I've never had a client not LOVE what I've made.  


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