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Get Your Beautiful Website Starting at Only $29/Month!

We'll set up your website, with your chosen design and walk you through how to maintain it or we can maintain your site for you for just $29 a month ($59 for e-commerce sites).



$400 Setup Fee

Choose one of our designs and we’ll set everything up for you including the customization and content migration, but you will maintain the website.

This plan is for you...

If you don't want to design or customize the website but can maintain the site yourself.



$400 Setup Fee

Choose your design and we’ll work together with you to complete your website.

We can handle everything!

This plan is for you...

If you want LMA to design & run your entire website so you can focus on growing your business. We’ll customize your website the way you want it.




$900 Setup Fee

In need of a dynamic E-Commerce website?  Pick your design and let's get your store ready for business!

This plan is for you...

If your business sells items, collects taxes, ships goods or accepts payments for products.


Phone App

Contact Me for Quote

ETA of build:  Depends on project need

If you are looking for a phone app that meets your needs, send me a message to discuss the project.  



Contact Me for Quote

ETA of build:  Depends on project need

If you are looking for help in any part of your NFT collection needs, send me a message to discuss the project.  




$100 per page

ETA of build:  2 days per page

If you are in need of content for your site, we are happy to provide that to you. 


This is an additional expense as content is one of the most labor intensive parts of any website.  




ETA of build:  1-7 days

If you are looking for help to create your brand identity or have a logo created, we can help you! 

Web Ed/Social Media Support


$250 2 hours training & manual

Lost when it comes to anything internet related?  Keep getting asked for your IG account and have no clue what that is, how to get it and what it does?  


Maybe you are just tired of letting your current web support team charge you over and over for seemingly simple changes, that take too long and cost too much!

We can teach you the in's and out's of your website, how to make changes/adds, how to find and understand the reports, what a SEO is, why it matters and more.  

We can teach you to run your website ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! (as long as you have internet) 



$500 Add-On

ETA of build:  7-14days

Adding a store to your site can make all the difference in the world when it comes to sales traffic and increasing your revenue.  

Drop shipped items, custom items, garage sale finds, whatever the product we can set you up with a stunning way to sell.

If your site is already built and you need an e-commerce section added to it, this is a great deal!

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